Monday 12:45-1:30 pm Pre-Ballet Age 3-4

Our Pre-Ballet program is perfectly suited for our most itty bitty ballet students. This program introduces the young dancer to both movement and basic concepts of ballet technique. Balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength are all improved. While learning dance, our ballerinas also learn poise, determination, patience, and so much more. Each 45-minute class is held in the familiarity of your child’s school.
Dress Code – Girls will need a pink leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. Long hair should be pulled away from the face. Be sure to label all dance attire. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE DANCEWEAR 

Monday 12:30-1:30 pm & 1:30-2:15 pm Tap-Ballet ages 4-6

Our Tap Ballet program Combines both Tap and Ballet into one fun class so your child gets the best of both disciplines. Tappers explore the fun, energetic rhythm and footwork required for the tap. During the ballet portion, we build upon the technique and form required by ballet and other dance forms. This 45-minute class is divided between the two techniques and is a fast-paced class designed to keep little dancers engaged while maximizing learning.
Dress Code – Girls will need a pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and black tap shoes. Long hair should be pulled away from the face. Be sure to label all dance attire. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE DANCEWEAR 



FALL 2023 | Winter/Spring 2024

September 11 – December 4, 2023 | January 8 - May 6, 2024    

Mondays (Room 365)


  • 12:30-1:30 pm | Ages 3-4 | $799 (Includes $55 | $70 for Additional pickup time from NMP and getting dressed) 

  • 12:45-1:30 pm | Ages 3-4 | $674 (Non-NMP children or caregiver drop-off) 

Mondays (Room 362)

Tap Ballet

  • 1:30-2:15 pm | Ages 4-6 | $674 (Stay & Play option for NMP children by registering HERE, non-NMP children or caregiver drop-off

  • FALL - No class: Sept 4 (Labor Day), Oct 9 (Columbus Day), & Nov 20 (Thanksgiving Week) 

  • Winter - No class: Jan 15 (MLK), February 19 (President’s Day), March 4 (Private School Spring Break), & April 1 (Public Spring Break)  

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  • 3 Installment payments from Nov 1 to Jan 1
  • Children must be potty-trained
  • Registration is not complete until the balance is paid in full before class begins
  • No refunds: 1 week prior to the start of class
  • Age Cut-Off: September 1, 2023
  • Location: Drop-Off/Pick-Up will be in Room 362
  • Classroom Directions
  • Non-NMP Student Drop-Off begins at 12:40 pm in room 362  
  • Afternoon Pick-Up will begin promptly at 1:30 pm in room 362
  • A late fee of $1.00 per minute per students will be charged for every minute past the end of class time.
  • Recital: May 13, 2023 & May 11, 2024 (Faith & Art Center and Costumes are provided)

Studio Go Dance contact: Leah Matthews or 404.492.8688

Registration contact: Edie Lvov or 404.355.6477


We recommend you purchasing your dance wear directly from our class list. This will ensure your items are appropriate and everything is shipped directly to you. There are many options that are reasonably priced. Please click on the link below:


Girls: pink leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. 

Cancellation policy. According to the Sports & Rec policy, you must pay in full all past-due balances, or your current and/or future registration will be canceled. Your payment must be received, not postmarked, before the current due date to avoid cancellation of classes and/or leagues.

Northside United Methodist Church is a Safe Sanctuary Church.