Sports & Recreation

Playing together for God

                                    Welcome to Sports and Recreation!

A Ministry of Northside United Methodist Church…We are purposeful about building healthy relationships in a fun, safe environment for the children and families of our community. We offer creative and leisure time activities for children and adults. There is a place for you at Northside Church to KNOW the love of God, GROW as a disciple of Christ, and GO into the world sharing God’s love with all people.




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Northside Church

2799 Northside Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: (404) 355-6475
Fax: (404) 355-6478


Pastor on Call

If an emergency occurs after office hours, please call the church office main phone number and listen for the prompts, or press "8" to leave a message. The pastor on call will contact you.


  • Ministers

  • Ministers' Assistants

    • Ellen Griewahn
      Executive Assistant to Senior Pastor
      ph. 678.298.5042 Ministers' Assistants
    • Leslie Bell
      Executive Assistant to Senior Associate Pastor & Membership
      ph. 678.298.6333 Ministers' Assistants
    • Gayle Boland
      Administrative Assistant to Pastoral Care
      ph. 678.298.5070 Ministers' Assistants
  • Administration

    • Ernest Coleman
      Executive Director
      ph. 678.298.5060 Administration
    • Nick Houston
      Business Manager
      ph. 678.298.5054 Administration
    • Martha Graves
      Administrative Assistant & Financial Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5041 Administration
    • Julia Owens
      Financial Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5059 Administration
    • Maragaret Sale
      ph. 404.367.2357 Administration
    • Tim Miltner
      Director of Facilities
      ph. 678.298.5072 Administration
    • Trisha Kirsch
      Administration Assistant/Office Staff
      ph. 404.355.6475 Administration
    • Randy White
      I.T. Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.5038 Administration
  • Adult Education

    • Amy Walker
      Director, Worship and Education
      ph. 678.298.5061 Adult Education
    • Stacey Connell
      Executive Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5068 Adult Education
  • Children's Ministries

    • Rev. Catherine Boothe
      ph. 404.367.2370 Children's Ministries
    • Estee Lassiter
      Director of Childcare
      ph. 678.298.5044 Children's Ministries
    • Dana Moore
      Preschool Ministries Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.5039 Children's Ministries
    • Marie Smith
      Administrative Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5034 Children's Ministries
    • Taylor Driskill
      Elementary Coordinator
      ph. 404.367.2366 Children's Ministries
  • Contemporary Worship

    • Josh Smith
      ph. 678.298.5071 Contemporary Worship
  • Creative Services

    • Jason Clay
      ph. 678.298.5036 Creative Services
    • Becky Everette
      Office Manager
      ph. 678.298.5077 Creative Services
    • Elisabeth Shabi
      Graphic Designer
      ph. 404.367.2353 Creative Services
    • Gaye Elam
      Associate Designer
      ph. 404.367.2353 Creative Services
    • Cheree Moreland
      Web Developer
      ph. 678.298.6322 Creative Services
  • Drama

  • Facilities

    • Tim Miltner
      Director of Facilities
      ph. 678.298.5072 Facilities
    • Patrick Murphy
      Facilities Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.6332 Facilities
  • MAP

  • Missions

  • Music

    • Michael Moffit
      ph. 678.298.5062 Music
    • Gwyn Bacon
      Organist -- Associate Director, Music Ministries & Worship Arts
      ph. 678.298.5047 Music
    • Meredith Baker
      Director of Children's and Youth Choirs
      ph. 678.298.5063 Music
    • Melissa Godbee
      Music Ministry Coordinator and Program Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5040 Music
    • Ann Edwards
      Administrative Volunteer
      ph. 678.298.5031 Music
  • Preschool

  • Production

  • Sports and Recreation

    • Kelley Stonis
      ph. 678.298.5066 Sports and Recreation
    • Clayton Schmitt
      Assistant Director, Sports League
      ph. 678.298.6331 Sports and Recreation
    • Katie Grady
      Camp Evergreen Director
      ph. Sports and Recreation
    • Jim Horesco
      Sports Leagues Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.6325 Sports and Recreation
    • Debbie Jett
      Sports Leagues & Summer Camps Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5076 Sports and Recreation
    • Edie Lvov
      Programs & Administrative Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5058 Sports and Recreation
    • Todd Massar
      Roller Hockey Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.5067 Sports and Recreation
  • Student Ministries

    • Rand Eberhard
      Director & Minister to Students
      ph. 404.367.2347 Student Ministries
    • Anne Cramer
      Middle School Associate
      ph. 404.367.2345 Student Ministries
    • Ben Glanton
      Middle School Associate
      ph. 678.298.5052 Student Ministries
    • Margaret Dickey
      High School Associate
      ph. 404.351.6558 Student Ministries
    • Linda Joy
      MAP Logistics Manager
      ph. 678.298.6323 Student Ministries
  • Women's Ministry

    • Sue Allen
      ph. 678.298.5045 Women's Ministry
    • Christa Groves
      Program Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.5035 Women's Ministry
    • Laura Currie
      Discipleship Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.5045 Women's Ministry
  • Young Adults

    • Todd Baker
      ph. 678.298.5055 Young Adults