COVID Protocols and notes

We understand that playing indoors causes some reservations due to air quality concerns and therefore the possible spread of the Coronavirus.  However, ALL AC units throughout the church (including the gym) use MERV 14 filters *(recommended level to capture and help prevent virus spread is MERV 13 or greater.)   In conjunction with facility upgrades, the below protocols will also be put in place to help mitigate the spread of the virus, and allow a safe return to play

· Parents will drop players off at the church main entrance via the turnaround off Kingswood Ln. Pick up location Carpool 2. For after-school programs, students will be picked up at the end of Preschool and drop-off in Carpool 2.

· Parents will not be allowed in the building during the training session or during classes.

· One parent or adult may attend the games/scrimmages.

· All players & students will get temperature checked before entering the building and then escorted by staff and/or instructor to the gym and/or classroom for their session.

· Masks will be required to be worn to and from the gym and/or classroom and carpool, but not while participating in class, sessions, or games. If participants wish to wear a mask during sessions and/or class, that, of course, is perfectly fine.

· Staff, coaches, and Instructors will be required to wear masks at all times.

· Facilities and equipment will be sanitized in between and after all classes and sessions.