Jersey Lettering

You are able to get your team names printed on your team uniforms!  Contact Mary Lynn Jones or call me (404) 429-1916.

You may drop your jerseys off at my house which is located at 3632 Cantrell Road in the Buckhead/Brookhaven area.  I have a drop box in the front of the house.  Please email me the form or put it in the bag with your jerseys.   You may pay by check when you drop off or pick up your order.  Jerseys can usually be done in a day or two.  The charge for lettering is .60 per letter.

You may print this page to put with your uniforms


Mary Lynn Jones

(404) 429-1916


Contact Name, Email and Phone Number:  ________________________________________


Team Name:  __________________________________


League:  ______________________________________

Jersey Number

Jersey Name