Northside Needs Your Help!

Northside Needs Your Help!

Dear Northside Soccer & Lacrosse Families:


We hope you are enjoying a great summer so far, and that you are excited for the upcoming fall seasons of soccer and lacrosse here at Northside! We are all set for the fall seasons for our teams and leagues, but we need your help to keep our field space at the Galloway School.


The Galloway School notified us late last month that they agreed to rent their soccer fields to another local sports program for an amount double our 2017-2018 rental fees plus field maintenance costs. We were, however, given the opportunity to match the offer and because of our commitment to you, your players, our coaches and our thriving programs, we matched the offer. 


We need to raise an additional $16,000 to pay the rent for the Galloway Fields, and an additional $33,000 will be required to fund the field maintenance expense. When finalizing our 2018 budget in January and setting fees for this upcoming 2018/2019 season, we did not budget for this drastic midyear change in our agreement with the Galloway School. In order for us to follow through with our partnership and have use of their field, we are asking if you would consider donating $100, $250, $500, $1000 or more to help us make up the difference. Any donation that you make will go specifically towards the increased cost of renting the soccer fields and the monthly field maintenance for both the upper and lower fields at the Complex. Anything that we collect above this amount will be earmarked specifically for future field maintenance, rental fees, or potential future field developments at other sites as we look to continue to improve the quality of our facilities for our teams. Your donation is tax-deductible, and donors will receive a letter from Northside Church confirming your donation for your personal records. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and will definitely help us move closer towards meeting our financial obligations for the upcoming school year!


You can give online here.


In the 10 years that we’ve rented from the Galloway School, our program has gone from a 400 person recreational-only soccer program to one of the largest and most successful recreational and competitive soccer programs in the metro Atlanta area with nearly 1100 soccer and lacrosse participants each season at Northside Church. We are incredibly proud of our lacrosse and soccer programs, and wholly appreciate your generosity and support in light of this development.




Northside Sports & Recreation