New Tumbling for Boys & Girls (New this Winter)

Get ready and get set for an exciting tumbling class where skills introduced include: loco-motor skills, age-appropriate stretching, strengthening, and coordination exercises, animal moves, various rolls on the mat, backbend bridge, assisted headstand, handstand, and more. This class teaches beginning acrobatics/gymnastics skills in a fun and positive learning atmosphere. Parents can feel good about choosing a Heart And Sole Kids Class that helps their child learn self-discipline, listening skills, how to follow directions step by step and how to cooperate with classmates, too, all while building self-esteem and skills to be proud of.

Class Attire:  Tumbling boys and girls may wear their choice of

shorts and t-shirt

or girls may wear a biketard or leotard with shorts.

Long hair should be secured into a ponytail or a braid.

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