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What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi is a discipline, meditation, form of exercise. Practiced for hundreds of years by those who wish to improve or maintain their health, Tai Chi is a system of movements performed in a peaceful, gently paced, specific manner. The continued and dedicated practice of the Tai Chi forms benefits the body and mind by helping to reduce stress and improve strength, flexibility, mental and physical balance, energy flow and general health.

Studies from universities and research institutions such as the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Emory University, the National Institute on Aging and the Arthritis Foundation, have found that Tai Chi lowers blood pressure, reduces the number and severity of falls in the elderly, reduces the pain and immobility of arthritis, benefits those with osteoporosis and increase strength and energy for all ages and fitness levels. Often called “moving meditation”, Tai Chi movements require no special uniforms or equipment and can be practiced almost anywhere. Tai Chi is for every age and body type. The gentle, flowing movements are taught at a pace all can follow. There is no competition. All special needs and circumstances are taken into consideration by the instructor. This is an exercise which the student proceeds at his or her own pace, one step at a time.

The class emphasizes the benefits to health and the mind and spirit. By teaching focus, concentration and “emptying thoughts”, Tai Chi helps relieve stress and create an openness for your energy to flow more easily and effectively.

Harvey Meisner, our Tai Chi instructor, is loved by everyone. Harvey has experience teaching those with Parkinson’s Disease, Arthritis, Seniors and others with special circumstances. His gentle manner and easy teaching style provide a relaxing, enjoyable environment in which students feel comfortable. Harvey has also taught classes at major corporations, as well as to the general public.

“Harvey is so kind, gentle and caring and concerned for each person in the class.” 


This ancient Chinese exercise system helps people of all ages improve their balance, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular health, and much more. This class is for all adults over 50. Special needs are taken into consideration.

Fall: 9 week Session – September 11 – November 13, 2017 (No class on Nov 20); $90

Fall: 3 week Session – November 27, December 4, & December 11, 2017; $30 

January 2018 classes would begin on January 8th if that works for everyone.

Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm, (Fellowship Hall)
Duration: 10 weeks
Cost: $100
Contact Instructor: Harvey Meisner, Certified T’ai Chi, and Qi Gong Instructor or 404.525.6466


To sign up, call Kelley Stonis in the Sports & Rec. office at 678-298-5066. Anyone is welcome to try a class out free of charge.

“To Your Health!”

Women and men of all ages are welcome.

To learn more about Northside’s Tai Chi go to Harvey@shouldersdown.com

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